13 Jul 2022

Please note, Now GST is applicable on fright from ₹1. No Exceptions.

GST rates for Goods Transport Agency

  • GTA can now opt to pay GST @ 5% forward charge basis.
  • No ITC shall be available when opting for 5% FCM • Prescribed declaration published to be used to switch to 5% FCM by 15th March before the next financial year.
  • For FY 2022-23, GTA can switch by 16th August '22.
  • Other GTA slabs such as 5% RCM and 12% FCM remain the same
  • Providing trucks on hire to GTA is still exempted.


GST rates for providing trucks on rental

  • Trucks provided on a rental basis were coming under 18% GST.
  • It is now reduced to 12% in those cases where fuel is included in the rental cost.
  • This applies to fixed rental not trip-based or GTA service.
  • This does not apply to providing trucks to GTA.


GST rates for Goods Transport Agency

  • GST on GTA service was exempt on transportation of goods in the following cases:
  • Where consideration charged for the transportation of goods on a single consignment transported in a single carriage was below Rs 1500.
  • Where consideration charged for transportation of all such goods for a single consignee does not exceed Rs 750.

The above cases are now removed wef 18th July 2022.