4 Jan 2019

Green tax relief to only those vehicles that have RFID tag

NEW DELHI: In a bid to make the ambitious RFID toll project successful, EPCA has directed the municipal corporations to give environment tax exemption incentive to only those vehicles that have RFID tags.

A senior south corporation official from the toll tax department said the new system would come into force from January 3 at eight toll plazas where RFID systems are in place. These border points include Aya Nagar, DND Flyway, Shahdara main, Shahdara flyover, Tikri border, Kapashera border, Rajokri border and Kundli border.

Three years ago, the Supreme Court had introduced the ECC (environment compensation charge) for the largely commercial goods vehicles while exempting those carrying essential items like milk, petroleum, fruits and vegetables. “Vehicles exempted under any category must now get pre- registered at the PoS counters established near the toll plazas and obtain RFID tags to get exemption. This is how we are incentivising it,” an official said.

The civic bodies had set up the target of selling at least 2 lakh RFID tags, but so far only around 2,500 vehicles have pre-registered. “RFID infrastructure is ready at many points, but since a very low number of vehicles have RFID tags and most of the transactions are taking place in cash, the original purpose of reducing congestion with free movement of vehicles and automatic toll deduction is being defeated,” the official explained

By linking it with ECC exemption, the corporations are hoping to enrol a large number of trucks in RFID regime. “Since the same trucks carry essential goods and other items during different trips, this step will help us cover a large number of goods vehicles,” the official added. Vehicles over 10 years old won’t be registered or allowed to enter Delhi. The 13 border points chosen for the RFID project receive 85% of the traffic.