17 Sep 2014

“Driver Day” on 17th September 2014

Let's give them honor by celebrating

“Driver Day” on 17th September 2014
Transportation and truck drivers, the vital units which support business, are the proverbial backbone of the
logistics industry. The logistics industry has in the past had an abundance of truck drivers. But the situation has
change dramatically as industry is facing an unprecedented shortage of drivers. This is likely to cascade into an
epidemic problem that will chip away at the growth of this sector. While the West is already facing an acute
shortage of truck drivers, Indian industry, which was comfortably placed, suddenly finds itself staring at a problem
which could have been avoided with greater resourcefulness and to which, regrettably, there are no easy and
quick‐fix solutions.

If we critically analyze the service rendered by Truck Drivers, they play a great role in the commerce and industry
of the country by moving goods and delivering them at different destinations far and wide with treacherous roads
and encountering extreme weather. On an average a driver sleeps for just 2‐3 hours while on road as he has the
fear of getting robbed or goods stolen and other unscrupulous elements en‐route.

The pain they experience is beyond imagination. Data Compiled by NCRB shows that about 139000 people die in
road accidents every year, out of which 26,678 people die due to sleep deprivation only. This happens as drowsy
driving is still an elusive highway dilemma for the truck drivers during transit.

Unlike other service oriented people, Truck Drivers' lives are harsh. They are less fortunate to lead a normal family
life. Many a times they have to leave the family behind and be away from them for long durations with a lot of
stress and anxiety.
In spite of contributing their mite it is a fact that Drivers are looked down disdainfully as second graded citizens.
This is basically because of the mindset of the people in general without knowing the contributions they make in
our lives.

Considering the above aspects, Agarwal Movers Group came up with “Driver Seva Kendra”, a unique facility center
for drivers. It’s a place where they feel like being at home away from home where they relax, sleep and refresh
themselves. These elementary essentials at present are being used by 450‐ 500 truck drivers each day amounting
to 15,000 trucks per month. The results from this CSR initiative are overwhelming as this “Driver Seva Kendra”
alone has been able to save 41 lives each month through a simple concept of “Nindra Daan”.